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Ankita Bakre

Our Director Ankita Bakre found the need to bridge the gap between a firm just existing and realizing its potential. This bridge means the proper marketing of a firm that has the capabilities to soar new heights through proper marketing. Thus the firm was born and an idea got concrete. Ankita Bakre is the core visionary behind this idea where the client is given every possible creative wing added to their dedication to fly to new higher skies.

We are now functioning with three branches under Ankita Bakre purview – Website Development, Designing and Placement solutions.

Our team houses almost every talent we need to magnify your firm’s market and social presence. We take care of website development, VFX, Video shooting and Editing, In-House Photography, Content Writing, Brand Strategy, Graphic Designing. What-ever your creative demand is, we will deliver it with the best efforts.

We here at DWPlaceSolutions strive to make your sweat and blood of a company more lustrous. To bring in more crowd towards the firm so that you grow exponentially is our prime objective.